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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Craft Notes

I forgot to mention it a couple days ago when I completed them but, I have socks!

The second one came out slightly large than the other. (I'm apparently starting to relax out of the beginning knitter's propensity to knit tightly. Wish that hadn't happened mid project, but that's ok.) I also need to find a better explanation of kitchener stitch. Both of my sock books demonstrate it on two colored threads instead of still on the needles, and it just seems like a waste of time to use some waste thread when both books also say you should do it on the needles. So I've bookmarked a couple of online demos for future reference.

Since I finished those (and because I don't currently have the needles to do any of the other projects that interest me, and will have no opportunity to buy them for at least a week and a half), I cast on the socks for my sister. I really love the colors of this yarn. I'm hoping I have as much left over as I did with my socks so I can figure out something to make for myself so I can still look at it.

I had really wanted to play around with one of my landscape quilt ideas today, but between the demands of family togetherness, and the rest of the holiday cooking I need to do, I'm not sure that will happen. I've optimistically put the stack of fabric on the dining room table (aka my work table), so we'll see if I can make that go anywhere. This is the one thing I hate about taking vacation when my whole family is around. I love them dearly, but it's my vacation, and I want some downtime for me. I don't think I'm unreasonable for wanting that, but I'm also the only introvert in a family of extroverts. Oh well.

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