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Friday, November 23, 2007

Book Review: Strange Candy - Laurell K. Hamilton

I admit to being intrigued by a number of Laurell K. Hamilton’s books, but somewhat off-put by how they seemed to be mostly marketed for the sex content, more than the story. (It’s not that I’m a prude, I just like a certain amount of, hmm, plot in the books I read.) However, some of my friends have read them, and liked them, so I’d been looking for something to ease me into her oeuvre. A book of short stories seemed the perfect entry point.

I did enjoy this book. It had an interesting variety of stories, and only one that featured sex, so I take that as a fine portent of her ability to plot a novel. (That and they actually carried some of the seeming worst offenders at my library, so surely they can’t be that bad.)

My two favorites were “Selling Houses”, about the real estate market in a world where vampires are legal citizens, and “Here Be Dragons”, the only sci fi story in the bunch, which was a positively creepy look at the psychology of sociopaths.

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