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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Notes

Not much going on this weekend. Still reading Titus Groan. I think I'm under a hundred pages from the end, though I still have no idea how long that will take me to get through.

On the knitting front, I've started and pulled out a lace scarf four times now. The lace is completely kicking my butt. It's actually a fairly simple pattern, but I'm mucking up the yarn overs, and keep ending up with either too many or too few stitches, hence the pulling out. In the interests of my continued sanity, I've set that aside for the moment (which is so sad, because I love the yarn I chose), and am going to run out today for supplies for a very simple circularly knit scarf. If nothing else, I can use it as a Christmas present, and it's simple enough to restore my faith in the fact that I do in fact sort of know what I'm doing. I may also get the supplies for the sweater I want to make. It's structurally a lot simpler than the scarf.

On a random goofing off note, I must confess my newfound love for the show Moonlight. I'm a sucker for vampire/fantasy shows, and despite the cheese factor in this one, I'm still loving it. The lead actor is very easy on the eyes, and I've loved the lead actress in the other stuff I've seen her in (her episode of Doctor Who is still, and may always be, my favorite). Heck, I still regard Forever Knight with great fondness, and if I can look past the cheese factor in that show, I'd say I can look past it in anything! And, it seems to be doing well in its time slot, so hopefully it'll avoid cancellation. Nothing bugs me more than a network yanking a show before it's even had time to hit its stride.

The only other new show we've started watching is Chuck, which I'm also enjoying. I'm happy to see Adam Baldwin in a show again, and I must say, they do look like they're having fun making the show.

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