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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Knitting Notes

I finished my mobius scarf tonight! It was so wonderfully easy to make, fits perfectly, and is so warm! I admit to a certain disappointment about the color. It's called moss, and was a little greener in the photos when I ordered it. I don't dislike this color, but it doesn't match either of my winter coats particularly well. I do love the pattern, and I think I'll try to find something not in wool and make one for my mother for Christmas (she has wool issues).

I went ahead and blazed through the scarf after getting home from MA today, because on my way down yesterday, I stopped at a yarn store in York. Before I'd left, I decided I wanted to try my hand at some socks. The same book I got the mobius pattern from also has a sock pattern that's pretty easy, and after reading it through, actually made sense to me, and didn't make me want to quake in fear of using double pointed needles. So, I stopped in at the Yarn Sellar, and found my way to their sock yarn. I'm just really glad I don't live that close to that store, as I dropped a little more money than I'd been planning, but it was all so pretty!

Tonight, provided I don't fall asleep first, I'm going to be casting on socks from this lovely wool:

I'm going to make these for myself, and pray they come out correctly. If they do, I'm going to make some socks for my sister for Christmas out of the following. I knew this yarn was meant to be for her when I saw it, immediately thought of her, and then noticed that the colorway is named "Crazy Woman". It's so perfect, I had to buy it :) So here's hoping my pair work out (heck, if one works, I'll skip straight to hers and finish mine later). She has a major sock addiction, and I know she'll just love these.

I also bought a skein of a colorway called Black Forest Fudge, but don't have any immediate plans of who to make socks for with it.

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