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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Craft Notes

I was in a bit of cleaning mood last night, so decided to take a tour through my UFO drawer and the spillover on the top of the set of drawers holding the UFO drawer. In the grand scheme of things, I'm actually not that bad off, but the pile is still a little sobering.

So, in no particular order, here are my current works in some stage of progress:

Sunset quilt. In the pile of fabric stage. Some of this fabric needs to be taken out of the pile. I really need to sit down and make strips out of the most promising fabrics and see how they end up going together. I think looking at the fabric on a larger scale (even if it is mostly fat quarters) is actually making it harder for me to see how the strips will blend. I hate the idea that I might not actually have enough fabric in this stack to make it work, but I think I have to get over that and just start cutting.

Celestial fabric quilt. The quilt top is done. I just need to measure it so I can get correctly sized batting, and then figure out what the heck I'm going to back and bind this thing with. Sadly, as cool celestial prints seem to have gone out of style, I'm not seeing a lot out there to inspire me. I may need to resort to scouring the internet. I'd like to think I'm going to quilt this, but it's been hanging out in the drawer (and frankly, the predecessor to the drawer) for so long that I'm 99% sure this will end up a tie quilt.

A very basic foundation pieced Christmas tree ornament I was set on including in my Christmas cards last year until I realized I had no particularly good way of getting the pattern onto the muslin. Must re-investigate that. If I can just get the pattern transferred over, I'm golden. (Still, with my new-found knitting obsession, I suspect this still probably won't happen this year.)

My landscape quilt idea. I have the muslin backing cut out. I should really lay out the sky so I can tell if I have enough fabric. (I actually don't need a lot for this design, but it's really important that I get it out of the way before moving on.) Perhaps I should try this the same day I start cutting strips for the sunset quilt. That doesn't seem too overly ambitious.

The split rail quilt that will probably not come out looking very good at all. I just need to sew this together. It should go together, I can just tell the pattern won't look the way I'd expect it to. But it's still probably serviceable.

And now for the rest of the fabric I have to use before I'm allowed to buy anything new (unless it's for an existing project). Note how I've gotten around this strategy for keeping my drawer less full by taking up knitting, since yarn isn't fabric, and I can therefore buy it freely. It was a good plan while it lasted...

A set from Keepsake Quilting. I really wanted to drive back to over to Keepsake Quilting this summer. It's such a lovely store. And I remember lots of reds and orange and batiks that I'm sure would have been stunning in my sunset quilt. But I was good, and avoided temptation, since I still haven't used this fat quarter set I bought there two summers ago.

Jane Austen themed fabric from my mother in law. My MIL is a very good quilter (much better than me), and since she has three sons (no daughters), and I am the only female currently attached to any of them, she was most excited to find out that I quilt too. She gave this set to me a couple of birthdays ago, as the fabric and Jane Austen connection were too much for her to ignore. It's technically a kit for a bag, but fortunately, she's quite aware that the bag pattern is not my style, and is fully expecting me to do something else with these. I really love these fabrics, and actually feel somewhat guilty I haven't done anything with them yet, but they keep getting lost in the bottom of the drawer.

And last but not least, new to the drawer, the yarn I bought for the butt-kicking lace scarf. I ordered some more yarn over the weekend for some slightly easier projects, so I'll try out one or both of those, and give this another go after successful completion of something else.

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Debi said...

Ahhh...it feels so good knowing one is not alone! Sometimes I fear I will be buried alive in my masses of unfinished projects.