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Sunday, October 14, 2007


Finally got back to my long delayed project to get my library up in Library Thing. I'd previously just had a couple of my easiest to recall series up there. So today, I started going methodically through my bookcases, and figured I'd stop for the day once I'd exhausted my free membership. (I'll be upgrading to a lifetime membership tomorrow.)

I managed to get through my half of our small living room bookcase, and the top two shelves of my large bookcase before entering my 200 max. Heh. So, that's four large shelves to go, four (maybe five?) crates in the basement, the TBR piles in my bedroom, and once that's all in, an equal if not slightly larger amount from my boyfriend's collection (he does after all, have six years of collecting on me, though I'm not going near his comic book/graphic novel collection. There aren't enough hours in the decade).

And we wonder why we hate moving :)

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