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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Knitting Notes

I finished a project! Sure, it's done entirely in knit stitch, and is shorter than most of my scarves (which may actually be a good thing), but it's done, which is much better than I can say for the state of my quilting projects. I do like the opportunity to make something more compact with a more reachable end date.

I've currently taking a once a week class at a local shop, where we're making a baby vest that was designed to go through a number of basic techniques. I've done two of the five classes so far, and it's going fairly well. It's been nice to get some affirmation that I am in fact not holding the needles incorrectly, and purling is in fact a comparative pain in the butt compared to knitting.

I got very daring and bought a sock book aimed for novices this weekend, so I may pick my next project from there. Whatever I decide to do, I've resolved not to buy yarn until I have a specific project to do. It's bad enough that I'm accumulating knitting needles at an alarming rate, but I can at least fit those in a drawer. I already have a borderline insane fabric cache. (Well, only because I live in an apartment. It's small by house standards.) I really don't need to set up a dueling yarn cache as well.

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