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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Garden and Craft Notes

Well, it's starting to happen. I could see my breath this morning when I was on my way out the door on the way to work. Which immediately put me in mind of the two plants I have in the backyard that I want to bring in for the winter. We definitely haven't had any frost warnings yet, and they very well may be fine outside for several more weeks, but I like to move them when the thought first pops into my head. So the oxalis came in today, along with a dish for the begonia. That needs to be pretty severely cut back, so I'll bring it in this weekend (and they're just simple bedding begonias. I enjoy the jolt of color in the winter, but I could pretty easily get new ones in the Spring if I accidentally managed to kill them.)

The Common Ground Fair is next weekend. Yay! Time to lay in our excellent garlic supply for the winter.

In craft notes, I started a knitting class last night. It's once a week for the next four weeks. I was giving myself fits trying to decipher the book I bought once things got beyond knitting and purling, and decided that I'd be better off watching someone else do it. And it's at a cute little shop in the East End with the nicest looking yarn selection. Just when I'd finally settled on a fabric moratorium, I find myself a new craft addiction. Oh well. I'm sure I could be wasting my money on something worse.

And can I just say how much more I like the Simplicity pattern site than the McCall's et al site? View all is a wonderful thing when looking at a ten page list of top patterns, and I like a slightly bigger initial picture now that I'm old and my sight is failing (heh).

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