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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Distraction of the Day - Mackworth Island and Crescent Beach State Park

My best friend from college was up visiting this weekend, so we took advantage of the incredible weather to head out to the sea while she was there. The foliage still isn't in full swing, but we were able to find some little peeks of color here and there. It was also nice to have her along with me, because she's an ornithologist, and can tell me what all the random birds we were spotting are. We actually saw some eiders yesterday, which I'd never seen that close to shore before.

One thing I can hold my own on is the invertebrate population (we're both zoology majors, but our interests diverge). We went crabbing (mostly to try and find some Japanese rock crabs, which weren't around), and found a ton of baby green and decorator crabs. Sadly, the surf was a bit too choppy for hermit crab hunting, so I think that's done for the season until next year. I'm done freezing my feet off.

It was a truly lovely the weekend, my idea of a perfect Fall day. I am mostly fulfilled for the year. Granted, I want a few more nice weekends before the end of November, but at least I've stored up enough good Fall sun time to survive if it starts snowing tomorrow.

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