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Monday, September 10, 2007

Belated Distraction of the Day - Around Portland

We had a high school friend of my boyfriend's in visiting us from England this past weekend. The last time she came through, it was late October, and it rained the entire time, so we were very excited to have lovely weather on Friday and Saturday so we could take her around to what ended up being a lighthouse tour of southern Greater Portland. We hit Bug Light and Spring Point Light in South Portland, and stopped at the Liberty Ship monument, which I had never actually seen, and is quite interesting. After that, we headed for Fort Williams, because no lighthouse tour is complete without seeing Portland Head Light.

After that, we headed to Two Lights, but didn't go into the state park, and instead hit the seafood shack further down the road. The views are just as gorgeous, and they have a lovely garden there. They had the most gorgeous sweet peas, which was actually the first time this season I've seen those.

We ended the evening at Crescent Beach. I got some quality hermit crab hunting time, as it was low tide in the lagoon. A front also came through and dropped the temperature about 10 very needed degrees while we were there.

It's actually hard to believe that amazing Saturday was followed by such a dreary and much colder Sunday. On the bright side, we did discover the awe and the wonder that are Cole Farms pies on Sunday, so it could have been worse.

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