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Sunday, July 15, 2007

More July notes

Due to the excessive rain today (I'd wanted to get some gardening done before departing for my vacation on Wednesday), I managed to get the rest of the squares evened out in my celestial postage stamp quilt. I toyed with the idea of at least getting strips together, but the near dusk-like quality of the light since about 2 this afternoon killed that idea. I find sewing much more pleasant when I have decent natural light available.

I'm also trying to finish my book about Yemen (for the challenge) as soon as possible. I made a killing at the library yesterday (they actually had the new Mercedes Lackey book I've been dying to read on the shelf!) and I'm looking forward to some good vacation reading. We're heading to Lake George in New York, and there is both a dock with lawn chairs and a screened in porch available for my reading pleasure. I'm so excited!

I do have to switch out one of my Armchair Traveler Reading books (I absolutely could not get into the book on Ladakh I'd taken out of the library). I did take a quick look yesterday, but the 900s are downstairs, and I'd grabbed enough vacation reading I figured it was better to try for that another day. Fortunately, I still have plenty of time, so I'll take a look again after vacation.

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