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Friday, July 27, 2007

Distraction of the Day - Crescent Beach State Park, Cape Elizabeth

To beat the humidity, I took a lovely post dinner drive to Crescent Beach. Crescent Beach is my beach. It's surrounded by rocky shore, so you can get your fill of sand or rocks, depending on your mood, or even on a walk through the woods or the shore-side meadow.

I love this beach. I love the smell of the beach roses combined with the smell of the salt. I actually love being coated with sand by the time I leave. I love staring out at Ram Island and pretending I own the place and could use it as my own private playground.

I prefer to go in the evenings. 1. It's free, and 2. most of the crowd has gone for the day. Today, I was able to see monarch butterflies feeding on milkweed. Sadly, it was high tide, so I wasn't able to muck about in the tide pools, so I'll have to track down a tide chart and make sure I go in August, which usually has some of the lowest tides of the year. This is great, as a great deal more of the beach (and assorted beasties) get exposed during low tide, and the water gets much warmer in the heat of the day.

The only thing that will now improve my Friday evening is either finishing Harry Potter, or a nice viewing of Pride and Prejudice (I'm been strangely desiring to watch it again, and the BF is out with the guys watching Die Hard 4, so why not! I have all weekend to finish Harry.)

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