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Friday, July 27, 2007

Book Review: The Seventh Tower Volumes 1-3 (The Fall, Castle & Aenir) - Garth Nix

Lovely, different story then the Sabriel trilogy. (Does that trilogy have a name? I’ll have to look that up.) Definitely a younger slant than those books, but still an engaging story that I’ll enjoy reading the rest of, once I get near a Barnes and Noble again and can pick up their exclusive omnibus addition (I was most displeased when I realized I couldn’t get the second volume anywhere around here, but it’s not like we don’t drive by either Augusta or Portsmouth that often…)

I really love Garth Nix’s brain. I love that he comes up with really unique forms of magic and really interesting and different worlds. I read his books and don’t even try to draw parallels with other books I’ve read, but if they’re there, they’re deep. And I love that he writes incredibly intelligent books for young people. I’d definitely marry the man ;)

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